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website design

We create websites that look great, are easy to use and ensure a rich and engaging user experience.

Every web project is different. That’s why we study, wireframe, and create a custom, compelling design for each one individually. A well designed website is vital for marketing, building brand awareness and attracting prospective customers. As designers and programmers we work closely together to ensure that your branding requirements best translate into an online identity. Every design aspect is carefully considered. Not only are we concerned with how a site looks, but also how a user interacts with it, which is why our websites are designed to be easy and intuitive to navigate. Our main priority for every web project is to integrate a visually stimulating design with usability and accessibility. What’s on your website, how it looks, how it functions and how it can be found are all equally important factors when it comes to the success of your online venture.

website development

Our objective is to develop websites that are easy to maintain, are flexible, cost-effective and reliable using a range of internet technologies.

We cater to every client’s needs, whether it be a modest website that profiles your company or a more complex solution involving a custom built content management system with database integration, secure administration sections and or e-commerce solutions. Every project is built using best practice web development techniques and web standards compliance, with clean and efficient code, always taking cross-browser and platform compatibility into consideration. Additionally, we offer website consultancy and development services to graphic design studios and agencies looking for the technology, support and programming expertise to power their designs.

content management systems

It is vital that the content of your website is fresh, relevant and accurate to keep your audience captivated.

A Content Management System (CMS) is a tool that enables control over the content of a website through a web browser. It allows simple tasks such as adding, updating and deleting text, images and multimedia files to more sophisticated tasks allowing the manipulation of page layout, or sending e-mail subscribers a newsletter without the involvement of a web developer. Our Content Management Systems are customised to meet the specific needs of the content of your website, with a simple and user-friendly interface. We have developed our own Content Management System which we use for most projects – including this very website! However, when appropriate, we’ll use some of the various excellent off-the-shelf CMS systems such as Joomla and Wordpress that give full CMS control over your website.


When it comes to online publishing, most of us are firm believers that good content is the key to a successful blog, but a great interface design can really help capture our audience’s attention.

This includes good use of colour, attractive typography, neat paragraph alignment and clear navigation. Whether you’re writing for yourself, or writing for your company, we can help make it a success.


Our e-commerce solutions are equipped with all the features you will need to get your web shop up and running.

You'll get a high-quality website designed specifically for your target market, products and brand with total control over every aspect of your store. Simple and easy to use, both for you as an administrator as for your customers. We'll integrate your website with PayPal, or any payment processor to accept Visa, Mastercard and more.

iphone & mobile

Is your website mobile ready?

In the world today there are more than 4,6 billion mobile phone users, and a thousand more are added every minute! Next-generation iPhone, BlackBerry and Android webOS smartphone users are surfing unlimited data plans in record numbers and becoming mobile Internet addicts. For this reason mobile web browsing is foreseen to become the next predominant Internet platform. A mobile website today is not simply a passing craze. Mobile sites are proving to be a necessity, and even predicted to be the new Internet standard. Right now, there are millions of mobile users browsing the Internet. But, unfortunately, there are very few websites that actually load properly on mobile devices. This is because there are special procedures involved in designing a mobile website. We want to put your business in front with effective mobile web design, development and marketing. From a ‘lite’ version of your current website to a complete app, we know exactly how to create a compelling mobile web experience that helps you find local customers, bring in new clients, and keep them engaged despite their busy lifestyles.

support & maintenance

All websites require some level of maintenance and support.

Your requirement will depend on the website design and your in-house resources. We will work with you to determine the appropriate level of maintenance and support for your organisation. Our services include email support, amendments to content and code, and automatic back-ups.

hosting & domain registration

We provide a range of hosting options and domain registration via third party hosting companies.

We select the plan that best suits your needs, as the technical requirements of your website are a key determinant of plan suitability. Alternatively, we can liaise with your preferred hosting company on your behalf.